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Be Thankful

I had been up all night. So I totally missed the sign from the universe in my kitchen at first. We welcomed a brand new puppy last weekend, after being without a dog for 6 years, and are in love + exhausted. Nash is 100% yellow lab (fox red) retriever, and about 95% adorable, 5% naughty. The housetraining plus puppy-proofing that kept changing as he learned to get into everything, brought me right back to my kids’ toddlerhood in just 24 hours. In the rush-to-school-shuffle one morning last week, I looked up and saw my daughter napping with him in a moment of relative calm, and snapped a pic. That’s when I noticed the giant sign I had hung in the background for the upcoming holiday: Be Thankful.

Here I am, writing a book on making conscious choices, resetting your mind, recognizing your patterns, and shifting into thriving - and having a (fur) baby in the house again had thrown me right back into survival mode. I was so focused on trying to set up my day to achieve things, that I almost missed the bigger picture of being grateful. I was so busy surviving, that I forgot to stop and live - let alone thrive.

Did you know that gratitude is actually an antidote to staying stuck in a survival mentality? Here’s why:

-It comes from within you vs. depending on external circumstances

-It registers in the part of your brain that handles thinking (PFC), not your primitive survival brain (amygdala)

-It forces you to be present - not stuck in the past or worried for the future.

More to come on this post sleep-deprivation, but for now: I am thankful that this little one is forcing me to stop and see my world that I so often take for granted. Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

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