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Quick little life update: I’m writing a book!

Yep, I’ve added another title in my evolution: author. After leaving my executive job after 20 years, I began to swap stories with others and found that there are so many people who woke up during Covid to realize that the life they were living felt more like surviving (and funding someone else’s retirement)...than thriving. So much of the hurting came from over-identifying with a job and being forced to make work/life balance decisions as if that was really a binary choice. Work. Or live.

I began to rediscover my life and myself in my own process from detaching from the Corporate mindset and hustle culture, while still having ambition and wanting personal growth, but saw a gap in the market for any guidance on how to do this - especially for women. So I captured the process I went through, along with stories and the latest research on hustle culture, women leaving the workforce, and burnout. I’m working with an editor and publisher (which makes it real and that’s 98% terrifying), with the working title of “Corporate Rehab“ (expected Spring 2022). And I've got an amazing community of fellow authors and writers through the Book Creator Institute at Georgetown through Eric Koester.

This book is for anyone for whom life changed drastically in 2020 and is looking for a new path. Or for those whose life didn't change - whose responsibilities only increased, and now want something different. My goal is to share with readers why we get addicted in the first place, how to do your own Corporate Rehab and detox, and how to build a new life or business that you love. All while staying in your role, or exiting entirely and building your own thing.

Over the next few months, I'll be sharing key pieces of the journey with you -- follow me at @CorporateRehab on instagram and at @jennieblumenthal on LinkedIn. And I'd love your help! If you know of female executives, or people who study gender dynamics in the workplace, who might be a good interview for the book (even you!) please send me a message.

Stay tuned!

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