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Sneak Peek: book insights

A corporate lawyer mom turned angry mom rock singer. A marathoner who lost the ability to speak at 10,000 feet. An exec who runs mud races with her teen. After interviewing over 130 women for my upcoming book, Corporate Rehab (expected Spring 2022), I have heard so many stories: uplifting, heart-wrenching, inspiring, enraging.

Here’s a sneak peek into the key messages so far:

  • Women lose themselves in the roles we play - defined by the value we provide to...other people. Mom, wife, sister, worker, boss, friend.

  • We get addicted to the pace of the hustle culture, and the elevated levels of hormones that feel like an adrenaline rush, because they distract us from our very human needs that aren’t being met: connectedness, belonging, a sense of purpose.

  • Women are in pain - so much pain. Emotionally from old wounds, and fresh ones we feel daily from stress. And often it shows up as physical ailments in our bodies - if we stop to listen.

  • It’s possible to heal inside or outside of your job. But the first step: stop and break the cycle, and do your own REHAB:

  • Recognize your story

  • Evaluate your patterns

  • Heal your mind, body, and soul

  • Arise and grow into new behaviors

  • Build a new set of behaviors, a new career, or a new version of yourself

I’ll be continuing to write this fall - follow along on the site to find out more or send me an email to share your story. And as the Great Resignation continues, I’m coaching women through their own Rehab processes - drop me a note if you need some help building your own Resignation Roadmap!

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