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For over 20 years, I helped Fortune 500 companies hit multi-million dollar growth targets - running a $250 million dollar business and teams all over the world.  These growth transformations delivered massive revenue or cost savings, but missed an opportunity: evolving the leaders as humans.  Now I help executives and entrepreneurs grow beyond autopilot, hustle culture, and survival mode - to really thrive in the future of work.


As fears and excitement increase around the impact of remote workforces, generational differences, technology, and AI, it’s clear that work won’t look quite the same. The balance of power between leaders and employees, the desire to work differently or to have purpose alongside profit, and the call to rethink our own jobs has many of us questioning how we’ll move forward. 

But first: we all must break free from the limiting constraints of hustle culture, where we’re on 24/7, and you’re only as good as your last deal  - and instead harness your energy to fuel the growth you, your company, and your shareholders expect in the future of work.

It’s time for an innovative approach that unlocks higher profits, fosters healthier lives, and cultivates better leadership. That helps us shift from surviving into thriving. 

We’re worried about robots taking over, but I’m here to tell you:

WE are the robots. And it’s time to evolve again.


Ditch hustle culture and thrive in the future of work.

Image of a woman who is the Founder and CEO

Jennie  Blumenthal


Jennie spent 20 years as an executive in Corporate America counseling Fortune 500 companies on growth strategy and digital transformation. She launched her own company and works with executives and entrepreneurs to evolve their leadership in the future of work.

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