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Congrats on taking this step.

It can be scary - realizing things just don’t feel quite right, this company no longer matches your values, you aren’t living up to your potential, or all that you worked for isn’t quite what you are supposed to be doing (even though you’re so good at it!)


 There is value in pausing and deciding whether the path you’re on will result in strong relationships, fulfillment, and success.  Or whether you need to make changes - either within Corporate America or outside of it.


At Corporate Rehab, we provide executive personalized coaching and consulting for executives to analyze several dimensions of your career and life - whether you’re looking to increase your impact, evaluate a change, or launch and grow your business.

Does any of this sound familiar?

⭑ How do I prepare for the next level?

⭑ How do I keep moving up without getting lost in the role?

⭑ I feel like I lost myself.

⭑ My job doesn't feel meaningful anymore.

⭑ I'm not sure what I want in my career at this stage.

⭑ Is it time to re-evaluate?

⭑ I'm overwhelmed.

⭑ Can I afford to leave?

⭑ What would I do next?

⭑ How would I start a business?

⭑ How do you scale a company? 


It's time to relight the SPARK

in all  dimensions
of your life!

You're nodding, right?

If this sounds like you, we'd love to talk.


our founder
Jennie  Blumenthal


Jennie spent 20 years as an executive in Corporate America counseling Fortune 500 companies on growth strategy and digital transformation and left during the pandemic pivot. She now coaches executive women to do their own Corporate Rehab, and grow in their existing careers or in a new opportunity.

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